Toyota Land Cruiser Se EV – Electric Three-Row SUV Debuts at Japan Mobility Show 2023

By Steve Laser

The Toyota Land Cruiser lineup in Japan includes the flagship 300 Series, the return of an improved iconic 70 series, plus the all-new 250 series, shown in the family photo below.

While the 250 will offer the first Land Cruiser Hybrid powertrain in other markets next year, the thought of an all-electric Land Cruiser seems like a product for the distant future.

At least it did until today, when Toyota released photos and preliminary info about the new Land Cruiser Se, a BEV that’s set to debut next week at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Tokyo.

Toyota said that the Land Cruiser Se offers the high-torque driving performance unique to BEVs, together with an elegant, stylish design. As a three-row SUV, the all-electric model is expected to expand the Land Cruiser’s brand appeal.

Powertrain specs and features have yet to be announced. Toyota did mention that the Land Cruiser Se has a monocoque body that also offers highly responsive handling and confidence in tackling rough terrain.

The Land Cruiser Se is longer, wider, and has a longer wheelbase compared to the 250. While interior views are not yet available, Toyota says that BEV quietness helps create a comfortable cabin space when driving in urban areas and other on-road conditions.

Toyota at the Japan Mobility Show 2023

The theme for Toyota’s exhibit at the first Japan Mobility Show is, “Let’s Change the Future of Cars – Find Your Future.” Display models include:

  • Land Cruiser Se BEV
  • EPU BEV pickup concept
  • FT-3e BEV SUV-type concept
  • FT-Se BEV high-performance sports concept
  • KAYOIBAKO BEV compact space concept
  • IMV 0 BEV mobility solution concept
  • Land Hopper three-wheel BEV personal mobility concept
  • NEO Steer cockpit concept

The new Japan Mobility Show 2023 replaces, and goes beyond the scope, of the long-running Tokyo Motor Show. General public days are scheduled for Oct. 28 to Nov. 5, at Tokyo Big Sight, in the Ariake district of Koto-ku.

Note: Display models are subject to change without notice

News source and photos courtesy of Toyota Motor Corp.

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