Toyota EPU Electric Pickup Concept – New EV Premieres at Japan Mobility Show 2023

By Steve Laser

When Toyota revealed the Pickup EV concept (shown below) two years ago in Japan, it looked like an electric version of the HiLux, and/or perhaps the Tacoma, was in the works.

While Toyota may one day build production model EVs based on those popular trucks, there could be room for something new and completely different.

Toyota EPU Concept

The EPU electric pickup concept that Toyota is displaying to the Japan Mobility Show is a big surprise. And if it ever reaches the showroom, it could look a lot (maybe exactly) like this.

With a modern design, one of the few retro touches on the concept truck is the Toyota script logo. EPU features a long wheelbase, good-looking alloy wheels, fender flares, and lower body cladding.

Toyota describes the EPU as a next-generation mid-size pickup truck concept, with a monocoque body delivering high durability to create a practical yet stylish BEV.

Based on a BEV platform, the double-cab truck is said to offer a low center of gravity that benefits handling, stability, and ride comfort. It also sports a flexible tailgate design.

Toyota says the electric truck could support a wide range of mobility lifestyles, such as outdoor activities. With its versatile deck space, the EPU caters to a broad range of user applications.

While features and full specs have yet to be announced, Toyota provided two views of the EPU concept’s futuristic interior. With driving controls positioned on the dash, there’s plenty of space for storing items, charging devices, and stretching out, thanks to the flat floor.

Since Toyota built the concept with left-hand drive, it appears to be crafted for international market appeal. Details like the yoke-style steering wheel, digital meter cluster, and wide screen infotainment system, contribute to the interior’s high-tech appearance.

Toyota at the Japan Mobility Show 2023

The theme for Toyota’s exhibit at the first Japan Mobility Show is, “Let’s Change the Future of Cars – Find Your Future.” Display models include:

The new Japan Mobility Show 2023 replaces, and goes beyond the scope, of the long-running Tokyo Motor Show.

Note: EPU BEV pickup is a concept vehicle and is not for sale

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