2016 Mitsuoka Ryugi Wagon – Driving Home Neoclassic Design in Japan

By Steve & Tamami Laser

We’ve been wishing for years that Japan’s Mitsuoka Motor Company would bring its delightfully different vehicles to America. The boutique automaker recently introduced another new model that really tugs at our heartstrings.

MRuyWag1As lifelong wagon fans, the new Mitsuoka Ryugi Wagon is our latest object of desire. While it looks like the offspring of a vintage Jaguar and a Toyota Corolla, it’s actually based on the current Toyota Fielder, a Corolla-spinoff sold in Japan.

MRyuWag5Mitsuoka applies its signature neoclassic styling upgrades, in this case shared with the Ryugi sedan, resulting in a wagon that really stands out from the crowd.

MRuyWag2The vertical grille, dressed with a cloisonné emblem, is flanked by round headlights and underscored with a chrome bumper. While the rear view is a bit more conventional, vertical taillights call attention to the fact that this wagon is something special.

MRuyWag7The interior is pretty much carried over from the Fielder, except for the badge on the steering wheel that replaces the Toyota logo.

MRyuWag3Access to the cargo compartment is easy thanks to the big swing-up tailgate.

Under the hood is a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine teamed with a 5-speed manual or Continuously Variable Transmission. Front drive is standard with all-wheel-drive available with the CVT only. A front-drive Hybrid model is also on the order list.

MRyuWag6Prices in Japan range from ¥2,499,120 (about $23,600) for the base 15ST model to ¥3,398,760 (about $32,000) for the Hybrid.

Mitsuoka was founded in 1968 by Susumu Mitsuoka. Its current lineup also includes the Viewt (based on the Nissan March), Ryugi Sedan (based on the Corolla Axio), Galue (aka Nissan Teana) and Himiko (based on the the Mazda Roadster).

For more information, visit the website Mitsuoka-Motor.com

Note: Models, features, specifications, and prices apply to Japanese market vehicles and are subject to change without notice by the automaker.

News source and photos courtesy Mitsuoka Motor Co. Ltd.

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