Toyota Aqua Crossover Debuts in Japan – Could This Play on America’s Prius c?

By Steve & Tamami Laser; with Nahoko Osuka reporting from Japan

If the car looks familiar yet the name doesn’t ring a bell, the Toyota Aqua is sold in the U.S. market as the Prius c. Toyota Motor Corp. has just announced a new addition to the Aqua lineup called “Crossover” set to go on sale next month at Toyopet, Corolla and Netz dealers across Japan.

It basically takes the previous Aqua X-URBAN customizing theme another step further by applying crossover-style cues to the exterior of the small hybrid hatchback. Thus it gets a new grille, fender arch moldings, roof moldings that resemble roof rails and exclusive 16-inch alloy wheels.

Take a look at the neat new Aqua Crossover in a variety of hues courtesy this commercial spot from Toyota in Japan. (video: Toyota Motor Corp.)

The 1.5-liter gas engine and Toyota Hybrid System II continues to drive the front wheels. Regular Aqua models in L, S, G and “soft leather selection” grades also receive a minor refresh with less aggressive styling (see the blue Aqua S below).

All Aqua models gain redesigned headlights, hoods, front fenders and bumpers. New combination lights at the rear have moved their reflectors into the rear bumper. Fourteen color choices are available including purple mica metallic and Crossover exclusive beige.

This incredibly cool commercial spot from Toyota in Japan highlights some of the new Aqua’s safety features along with famous Japanese landmarks. (video: Toyota Motor Corp.)

Toyota says that revised engine and hybrid controls have achieved JC 08 mode fuel efficiency estimates of 38.0 km / L for the Aqua L and 34.4 km / L for other models including the Crossover.

Changes inside the cabin include newly available white and soft leather upholstery. A new TFT multi-information display is now standard in the center meter cluster.

Aqua base prices in Japan range from ¥1,785,240 (about $16,000) for the L model to ¥2,062,800 (about $18,500) for the Crossover. The Aqua remains a strong seller in Japan with a monthly sales target of 10,000 units.

There’s no word yet regarding when, or if, the refreshed styling for regular Aqua models and the new Crossover could make their way to the states or other markets.

News source, photos and videos from Toyota Motor Corporation. Features, specifications and prices for Japan market models are subject to change without notice by the automaker. Prices include consumption tax but do not include recycling fees. Prices differ in Hokkaido and Okinawa.

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