Honda N-TRUCK and N-CAMP Concepts Preview – Japan Camping Car Show

By Steve & Tami Laser

Honda is taking yet another new spin on its popular N-BOX, one of the best-selling Kei-class cars in Japan. This time around, the N-BOX has been turned into the new N-TRUCK pickup concept which is designed to tow the equally new N-CAMP trailer. While Honda already markets several varieties of the N-BOX, including the N-BOX+, N-WGN and N-BOX Slash it seems like a logical extension of the lineup to add a pickup.


This dynamic duo is set to debut at the 2015 Japan Camping Car Show in Tokyo this month at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. While Honda released these two photos, other details are in short supply. The customized N-TRUCK appears to have a very small cargo bed fitted with a trailer hitch to tow the N-CAMP. Since the engine displacement for Kei cars is limited to 660 cc, we’re wondering if the N-TRUCK is fitted with a turbocharger or other mods to give it more boost?


Honda says that N-CAMP includes a “loft-size bedroom for two adults” plus a modern interior living space that can be reconfigured for dining. In addition to the N-TRUCK and N-CAMP, Honda will display a new spin on its smaller N-ONE Kei car called the “Natural” concept. The automaker also will show a conventional N-BOX equipped with Honda Genuine Accessories from the “Honda Dog” series of pet-friendly goods.

News source and photos from Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

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