2020 Toyota Supra Preview – GR Supra Racing Concept Revealed at Geneva Motor Show

By Steve & Tamami Laser

The next-generation Toyota Supra is on the way and now we finally have an idea of what it will look like. Toyota introduced the track-focused GR Supra Racing concept at the Geneva Motor Show today to preview the styling direction for the upcoming production model.

Developed by Toyota Gazoo Racing, the new concept brings to mind styling cues from previous generation Supras via a two-door coupe body with a long hood and short rear deck. The concept is designed to ride on a front-engine/rear-drive platform (under development in a joint project between Toyota and BMW).

The “90” racing number on the doors is said to be a historical reference to the new Supra’s codename and a clue to the car’s return in a fifth generation. The first generation (1978) was known as A40, followed by the second A60 generation (1981), the third A70 (1986), and the last A80 (1993) that ended production in 2002.

Toyota says the GR Supra Racing concept features lightweight composites for the bumpers, front splitter, hood, rear diffuser, side skirts and huge rear wing while the windshield and windows are made of plastic.

Other details include a lowered suspension, BBS racing wheels with center-nut attachments, Michelin racing tires, Brembo Racing brakes and a racing exhaust system. Powertrain details have not been released yet we expect a turbo 6-cylinder under the hood and wouldn’t be surprised if a performance hybrid system was also in development.

While the exterior offers cues for the next Supra’s styling (minus the huge fender flares and wing) the concept’s cockpit is dressed strictly for racing. It features an OMP driver’s seat, safety harness and quick-release steering wheel, a racing-style cluster and paddle shifters along with carbon-fiber door panels.

Toyota says that competition safety requirements are met with a full roll cage and fire extinguishers. Meanwhile, the fuel and brake lines, pedal box, battery and wiring looms are said to also meet competition standards.

Supra’s reputation was enhanced by its success in motorsport. The fourth-generation Supra became a force in the All-Japan GT racing (today’s Super GT series), winning the GT500 class four times. Supra also competed in American IMSA sports car racing and twice appeared at Le Mans.

The all-new regular production Supra is expected to debut in Toyota showrooms about a year from now (as a 2020 model; our best guess for launch timing). The GR Supra Racing concept is scheduled for release next month – in a new update of the Gran Turismo Sport Video game being developed by Polyphony Digital Inc.

News source and photos courtesy of Toyota Motor Corp. Additional photos (as noted) courtesy of Newspress.

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