Honda Mean Mower V2 Kicks Grass with 190-hp – Targets 150-mph with Fireblade Power

By Steve & Tamami Laser

Remember the Honda Mean Mower? It became the world’s fastest mower when it reached 116.575 mph at the IDIADA Proving Ground in Spain four years ago. The record has since been topped, so Honda went back to the drawing board and came up with the new Mean Mower V2 that puts out an incredible 190-hp and aims for a 150-mph track speed.

The new rig (above) marries the look of Honda’s HF 2622 lawn tractor, with its front cowl, body panels, and grass box, with the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP 999cc 4-cylinder engine rated at 190-hp at 13,000 rpm. The Mean Mower can still cut the grass with its original HF 2622 cutter deck, 12V electric motors, and composite blades.

In this quick video preview of the new Honda Mean Mower, professional racer, Jess Hawkins (23), checks out the throttle response of the Fireblade’s engine from the Cobra custom-made driver’s seat. (video: Honda UK)

Don’t look for this amazing mower at your local hardware store. Mean Mower V2 was constructed by Team Dynamics, Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner. Thanks to advanced CAD design and materials, custom parts, and 3D printing, it’s said to nearly double the output of the first Mean Mower.

“The original Mean Mower was a great challenger for us and the result was an amazing machine,” said Dave Hodgetts, Managing Director, Honda (UK). “This time we have moved the game on considerably to build an incredible piece of real engineering, using advanced design and production techniques…We’re in testing phase now and everything looks good, with a top speed of more than 150 mph very much in our sights.”

In addition to the engine, the new Mean Mower employs other Fireblade parts like the clutch, ECU, 6-speed drivetrain, and full color LCD display. With the programmable quick-shift gear system featuring carbon fiber paddles on the Sparco steering wheel, Honda estimates the mower could reach 90 mph in first gear.

Underneath, T45 steel is used for the chassis instead of chromoly. Honda says that’s a vital component for durability and flexibility since the Mean Mower has no suspension. Minor glitches encountered during the build, like an airbox that didn’t fit under the cowl because the injectors were in the way, were solved thanks to 3D printing.

Bringing this beast to a halt is the job of Kelgate four-piston drilled titanium calipers in front and six in the rear. Mean Mower transfers power to the ground with special-order Hoosier R25B racing slicks mounted on Goldspeed DWT Red Label gold-anodized ATV wheels.

Honda says the new Mean Mower is meaner, faster, and louder. We were so dazzled by the specs that we forgot to mention the exhaust system employs Scorpion custom headers and titanium silencer. This is certainly not a garden variety mower.

News source, photos, and video courtesy Honda UK and Honda Motor Europe Ltd.

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