New Honda Montesa 4RIDE – Built “4Fun, 4Freedom, 4Adventure, 4Everywhere”

By Steve & Tamami Laser

Honda Motor Europe España says its new Montesa 4RIDE is “easy and fun to ride, comfortable, slim and compact, delivers lightness and respects the environment with its 260cc 4-stroke PGM-FI engine.” It even offers storage capacity in a space under the seat.

005_4RIDE_YM16_8474Twenty-five years after the release of the Evasion, Montesa Honda debuted this new, non-trials focused model at EICMA, the Milan Motorcycle Show, in Italy.

With the new 4RIDE, Montesa says it will reach a wider range of riders, by “reinventing” the concept of off-road. This new model was designed for riders to enjoy the outdoors, particularly the mountains, in a fun and easy way.

Montesa celebrates its 70th anniversary with the launch of the 4RIDE expanding the motorcycle maker’s offering to four different models, including the Cota 4RT260 and 4RT260 Factory.

006_4RIDE_YM16_8984Montesa says the 4RIDE can be identified by its classic traits: advanced 4-stroke technology, environmental credentials, and the quality of its components. The new model was designed by the technical team at Montesa Honda’s production plant in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Spain.

_MI_9786_ret2The development team of the 4RIDE took the basis of the Cota 4RT260 to create a motorcycle for adventure riding, with its advantages of excellent response, lightness and versatility.

To achieve this, the thermodynamic group features a revised gear ratio, wider than on the trials motorcycles, offering the rider more comfort at a steady speed and improved performance on long routes. With the same objective in mind, the ergonomics have also been revised, incorporating the seat and elevating the height of the suspension system, including both the fork and the shock absorber.

_MI_9741_retAnother improvement is the increase of fuel tank capacity to 4.4 liters (in comparison to the 1.9 liters of the trial models within the range). This delivers “a tested range of 75 miles.”

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News source and photos courtesy of Honda Motorcycles UK

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