Suzuki Tokyo Motor Show Concepts – Funky Air Triser Van Houses a Private Lounge

By Steve & Tamami Laser, with Nahoko Osuka reporting from Japan

(Update: We visited the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and have photos and videos of these concepts in our story. Click here for Part 2 of our show coverage.)

With the Tokyo Motor Show just around the corner, Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced its slate of cool concept vehicles set to debut at the show. The theme for Suzuki’s exhibit is “SUZUKI NEXT 100.” The automaker will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, so its display is said to represent “proposals for products and technologies that give a sense of the company’s preparations for ongoing success in the next 100 years.”


Reviewing the photos of the concepts, we think that the wild “Air Triser” (above and below) will become the focal point of Suzuki’s display. Let’s take a closer look at this van and the other concepts from Suzuki.

Air Triser – Has the Boogie Van of the ’70s returned?

SU_1822Suzuki says the Air Triser is a new-concept three-row compact minivan. “Within manageable body dimensions, it offers a cabin where roominess and smart seat configurability embody the concept of a private lounge.”


When parked, the seats can be configured in a “relaxation mode” (where they face each other) or in a “lounge mode” (where the seats form a U-shape sofa). Users can enjoy media content from a smartphone on a large-format display that extends from one of the B-pillars to the ceiling.

We’ll have to wait for Suzuki’s press conference for the specs on this concept. In the meantime, check out the photo of the interior! We’re wondering what the designer was thinking when creating this flashback style.

MIGHTY DECK – Stash Your Gear in the Rear – The Tailgate Party is Here


Meanwhile, Suzuki says the MIGHTY DECK concept is a new, fun-oriented minicar with a canvas top and an open load deck that can be repositioned for diverse purpose. We’ve seen pickup-style crossovers at the Tokyo show before, yet we hope this one actually previews an upcoming production model.


Suzuki says an “urban/outdoor” theme is “embodied by features that free people to move between contrasting situations and mindsets: city and nature; home and away; work and leisure; relaxed and playful.” Wide-ranging functionality including an automatic raise/lower function for the open deck accommodates lifestyle situations ranging from daily life to leisure.

In other words, it’s the perfect ride for a tailgate party. And the gate swings in the proper direction to make a cozy seat for two.

IGNIS – Orange You Glad that Suzuki Developed This Concept?


Here’s what Suzuki says about the IGNIS: It shows how a compact car can straddle the boundary between daily life and leisure. A high eye-point and plenty of road clearance ensure day-to-day convenience. Suzuki also says it allows confident driving on snowy roads and rough tracks, so weekends become a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.


A compact, “visually striking” body and a simple, highly practical interior design highlight the IGNIS’s credentials in the compact-crossover genre. And to make sure the concept gets noticed, Suzuki has built two of them (see below).

IGNIS-Trail Concept – Crossing Over to the Future of Crossovers


The IGNIS-Trail Concept expands upon the IGNIS concept of urban and outdoor versatility by offering even greater rough-road ruggedness. Suzuki has beefed up the exterior and energized the cabin with more crossover-style design cues. There’s no word about the running gear, but we would think that it offers all-wheel drive to segue with its trail-happy name.


Suzuki says big wheels and bold wheel-arch moldings are included in a design package that heightens compact-crossover enjoyment by emphasizing the IGNIS-Trail Concept’s outdoor credentials.

Suzuki’s exhibit will also highlight the company’s latest production models – including the new ESCUDO sport utility (called the new Vitara in markets outside Japan), which Suzuki says it plans to launch in October.

News source and photos courtesy of Suzuki Motor Corp.

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