EarthCruiser Australia Launches Mercedes-Benz G-Pro Escape – Five Star Off-Road Camper

By Steve & Tamami Laser

Earlier this year, EarthCruiser Australia introduced the Explorer XPR440, an expedition-style all-terrain camper based on the rugged Mercedes-Benz Unimog U430. Now the folks down under are expanding the range with the new EarthCruiser Mercedes-Benz G-Pro Escape.

Built on the Mercedes G 300 CDI Professional Cab Chassis platform, the Escape camper is more compact than the Unimog-based Explorer while retaining many of the creature comforts available in its larger sibling.

Under the hood is a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel that puts out 134kW of power and a stout 400Nm of torque. Teamed with a 5-speed automatic transmission, the rig features front, center and rear locking differentials, upgraded shocks, an onboard air compressor, separate tanks for fuel and water, along with an upright fridge and freezer.

While the Mercedes G-Class is well-known for its off-road capabilities, the camper adds another dimension for remote and extended travel. And because adventure begins where the pavement ends, EarthCruiser Escape is fitted with standard 13,500 lb. winches mounted in the front and rear.

EarthCruiser says that lithium battery technology powers and recharges electrical systems via stationary solar panels, or with the 120 Amp vehicle alternator system while on the move. The cab features an integrated air conditioner while a separate rear-mounted unit helps campers keep their cool.

Speaking of cool, Escape is fitted with many of the comforts of home including a double bed, toilet and shower. There’s also a diesel-fueled cooker, while customers can add options like a sky bed with room for three, plus an external shower. Bluetooth and iPhone connectivity is included along with a navigation system pre-loaded with Hema mapping.

According to EarthCruiser Australia, standard telematics with satellite tracking and monitoring, plus vision from five externally mounted cameras providea up ro 45 days recording in real-time, that can be viewed, along with system control, using an iPad.

While Escape is built to tackle off-road adventures, it’s also sized for easy transport. The company says the rig will fit inside a standard ISO container, which opens the door to adventures beyond the land of Oz.

EarthCruiser Australia Explorer XPR440

Billed as the “ultimate expedition vehicle,” EarthCruiser Australia’s XPR440 is based on the legendary Mercedes-Benz Unimog U430. This amazing machine is built to travel on severe off-road tracks with its ultra-low off-road gearing, run-flat tires, central tire inflation and deflation systems plus four-point hydraulic jacking system.

It also features the impressive Variopilot that permits the driver to quickly switch between right- and left-hand drive (EarthCruiser Australia says the steering wheel and pedals can be switched in “less than 30 seconds”).

Other goodies include heated tanks, batteries, pumps and water supply, 24-volt electric winches each rated at 20,000 lbs., a 240-volt external BBQ, a chain saw and an axe.

Inside, there’s seating for five, queen-size or twin bed options, and two sky beds. High-tech features include telematics and satellite tracking and monitoring, five externally mounted cameras, and weatherproof options designed for extreme cold (-40 degrees C) or extreme heat.

In addition to these Mercedes-Benz based campers, EarthCruiser Australia offers other models that use cab-chassis platforms from Iveco and Fuso.

Vehicle specifications and features for Australian market models are subject to change without notice.

News source and photos courtesy of EarthCruiser Pty. Ltd.

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