Nissan Drives Classics to Memphis – 2015 International Z Car Convention

By Steve & Tamami Laser

A trip to Memphis, Tennessee wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion, the National Civil Rights Museum, Sun Studio where Elvis, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison recorded songs, and of course the mighty Mississippi River. This week Memphis played host to a different kind of Americana – the 2015 International Z® Car Convention.


To celebrate its rich sports car heritage, Nissan North America hit the highway for the 28th Annual International Z Car Convention (ZCon), hosted each year by the Z Car Club Association. Nissan enthusiasts and road warriors joined employees and VIPs for a 220-mile road trip from Nissan headquarters in Franklin to a Beale Street celebration in downtown Memphis.

#NISMORoadTrip hits the road to 28th annual ZCON in Memphis

The festivities began at Nissan’s U.S. headquarters at 1 Nissan Way in Franklin for a casual “cars and coffee” gathering prior to departure through the byways of middle and west Tennessee.

#NISMORoadTrip hits the road to 28th annual ZCON in Memphis

The caravan of Datsun and Nissan models stopped traffic wherever they went including this bridge (for a photo session) on the road to ZCon. The feature car of the drive was the late Yutaka Katayama’s (“Mr. K”) last U.S. Nissan lease vehicle, a 1974 Datsun 260Z 2+2, customized by the factory with a full-metal, retractable sunroof.

#NISMORoadTrip hits the road to 28th annual ZCON in Memphis

Part of Nissan USA’s Heritage Collection, this 1971 240Z was restored under the ZStore Restoration Project in 1996 and 1997. It was one of 38 restored and was used by Nissan for brochures and marketing. Nissan says it also had plenty of drive time as a very popular press car.


The 2015 International Z® Car Convention ran from July 14-18 and included an all-day car show and an evening awards dinner banquet.


It also featured events and activities such as an autocross competition, raffles, driving tours and more.


This beautifully restored Z evokes memories of Brock Racing Enterprises BRE team and its cars driven by the likes of legendary racer John Morton in the 1970s.

News source and photos courtesy of Nissan

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