New MINI John Cooker Works Package – Micro Food Truck Serves Sushi on Wheels

By Steve Laser, with Evets Resal reporting from Giggleswick, Staincliffe, North Yorkshire UK

Food trucks of every shape and size offer countless choices for hungry consumers. But what about places where big vans fear to tread? We’re talking about the tiny nooks and crannies of narrow streets, alleyways and pop-up festivals from London to Tokyo. MINI to the rescue.

Starting today, April 1st, MINI has introduced a new accessory package that really cooks. Simply take one MINI Convertible (user-supplied) and fit it with the new John Cooker Works package. The resulting micro mobile street vendor is ready to serve rumbly tummies from Worcestershire to Gloucestershire to places we’re not so shire.

The package includes a solid-oak food sales and preparation surface. MINI says it also features an induction cooker with integrated fume hood. The car’s boot stores the required cooling technology, while a high-voltage Natural Food Nanotechnology® battery ensures power supply and is charged by the standard brake energy regeneration system while driving. Food waste is further utilized by the NFN® battery system to sustainably power the unique vehicle.

MINI says the solid-wood surface made from sustainably grown oak in Cornwall, folds to fit the contours of the interior when the top is down and serves as a stable storage for food and beverages. The package can be used for hot and cold dishes alike. Customers selecting this new pack benefit from a highly flexible food sales vehicle, with a menu of applications including selling sushi, ice cream or fresh juices.

Only the driver’s seat needs to be folded down to install the MINI John Cooker Works Package. This creates lots of space under the oak surface which can be used for storing ingredients, soy sauce, wasabi and cooking utensils. Should the weather suddenly turn, the convertible roof can be closed in only 18 seconds with the food surface in place.

Potential customers could include start-ups looking to prepare their culinary masterpieces directly in front of their customers’ eyes, or kiosk operators who need a food presentation area, the MINI Convertible with John Cooker Works Package offers countless opportunities.

“The strikingly painted and backlit mirror caps and side scuttles in Citrus Yellow give the MINI Convertible a sharp street food look,” says Tam Bree of the MINI Design Team. “We applied the knowhow we gained from our MINI Yours vehicle personalization program.” The Sport Stripes for the John Cooker Works Package are in Chilli Red and Berry Blue.

“Street food businesses are a great complement to established restaurants and offer their customers fantastic variety,” says Harry Chinn from MINI Business Innovation. “However, typical street food trucks are often too big and cumbersome for our city centers. The MINI Convertible can be used by street food vendors to whisk their food directly to the customer and even right onto festival grounds.”

“The MINI Convertible is now even more unique than ever before and is the smallest multifunctional food truck in the world,” says Adam Zapple, Head of Development of MINI Special Vehicles.

The introductory package price according to the automaker is €1,959,00 / $1,959,00 / £ 1,959,00. It can be ordered at selected MINI partners starting today. (MINI Convertible, food, supplies and the cool t-shirts worn by the chef in the photos are extra.)

Happy April 1st from our friends at MINI

News source and photos courtesy BMW Group and MINI UK

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