Honda Previews 2015 Tokyo Motor Show Display – Car and Motorcycle Concepts to Debut

By Steve & Tamami Laser

With the press preview of the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show just a few weeks away, Honda has released preliminary details about the cars, motorcycles – and some vehicles that don’t fit into either category – it plans to exhibit.


Honda says its next-generation FCV (real name TBA) features original technologies that make this vehicle the “world’s first production model of a FCV sedan with the entire fuel-cell powertrain consolidated under the hood. The powertrain layout enables a full cabin package that seats five adults comfortably.”

PrintThe new FCV features a cruising range of “more than 700 km” with sporty driving made possible by high-output motors. When combined with an external power feeding inverter, this FCV can function as a “mobile power plant” that generates and provides electricity to the community in the case of an emergency.


The automaker will also exhibit several concept models, including the Honda Project 2&4 powered by RC213V, designed to fuse together the values of two- and four-wheel mobility, which made its global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month.c150930_016H

Honda says this WANDER STAND concept was designed to pursue the joy and freedom of mobility under the concept of the “WANDER = wander around freely.”


This looks a bit similar to upright cabin-style concepts that Honda has displayed at past Tokyo Motor Shows. And yet it’s undoubtedly loaded with the latest technologies.


We can see a joystick instead of a traditional steering wheel, yet we don’t know if this actually controls the direction of the vehicle or operates the displays that appear to be projected onto the windshield.


Looking a bit like a motorized wheelchair, Honda says the new WANDER WALKER was designed to “freely maneuver among pedestrians.”


It appears to be easier to pilot than Honda’s UNI CUB β lean machine, while the wheel pattern shown above indicates that it can turn in very tight spaces.


Meanwhile, the instrument display looks similar to a tablet. We’re also wondering if it’s detachable allowing the driver to take it with them when the vehicle is parked?


The Light Weight Super Sports Concept is designed with the key phrase “strong presence.” This next-generation super sport concept features a look that Honda says delivers a sense of speed that comes from its long nose and low crouching position. “The combination of a plane architecture, which indicates the sense of hardness and solidity, and sharp edges emphasize the aggressive look. The exterior featuring matte-black-based low-contrast graphics expresses beauty and remarkable form,” says Honda.


NEOWING is a wild three-wheeled vehicle that offers “the cornering feel and sporty ride equivalent to a large-sized motorcycle while realizing excellent stability in low-speed ranges.” It’s equipped with a hybrid system that combines a horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder engine and electric motors to generate plentiful torque for powerful acceleration. With the adoption of an original Honda linkage mechanism on its front wheel, this concept model proposes new values with advanced styling that emphasizes the mechanical fascination of a two-wheeled motorcycle model.


EV-Cub Concept is a personal commuter that follows the concept of an “easy-to-handle and economical motorcycle” that Honda has been pursuing since the creation of the first-generation Super Cub. By placing the battery at a low position in the middle of the body, Honda says it’s easier to get on and off of the bike.


In consideration of ease-of-use in a broader range of use environments, the battery is detachable and rechargeable using a standard home wall socket.


Other than the fact that this Concept CB is a world premiere, Honda’s advanced press materials don’t elaborate on this sporty bike so we’ll have to wait for more news to come.


Information is also slim regarding the GROM 50 Scrambler Concept One (above) and a companion dubbed Two.

Additionally, Honda plans to show an updated version of its top-selling N-BOX mini vehicle, and home-market Odyssey Hybrid. Also on display will be the Japan premiere of the next-generation NSX supercar and new European Civic Type R. Honda’s Japan-market StepWGN with it’s Waku Waku Gate, and new S660 mini roadster, both already on sale, will also be displayed.

News source and photos courtesy of Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

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