Honda Concept CR-V Roadster Revealed – Topless British Model Designed to Turn Heads

By Steve Laser, with Resal Evets reporting from North Piddle, Worcestershire

Honda offers the popular CR-V crossover in the UK market with a choice of gas and diesel engines and a wide array of models. While there’s plenty of space inside for passengers and cargo, the only thing missing in the lineup is … a Roadster.

On April 1, Honda UK will test the market for a potential new addition to its lineup by launching the Concept CR-V Roadster.

Instead of a canvas or retractable hardtop to shield passengers from drizzly weather, the Concept CR-V Roadster has no top at all. “This innovative design makes it a vehicle purely for sunnier climates and therefore completely useless for the two-day British summer which traditionally occurs in May,” says Honda UK.

While most concept vehicles take months of planning and large budgets to create, Honda UK crafted the Concept CR-V Roadster the quick and easy way. By removing both the B and C-pillars they’ve created a sleek flow from front to rear of “jagged metal.”

“The designers, namely the PR team and an angle grinder, estimate the structural rigidity of the car has been reduced overall by approximately 100 percent, currently rendering it completely undriveable,” says Honda UK.

Some frightfully expensive concept vehicles are simply rolling shells, designed to generate maximum impressions at auto shows or lawn bowling tournaments. Yet the Concept CR-V Roadster, expected to be launched in time for summer, still has certain issues to be ironed out as Honda “never releases anything less than perfect,” they say.

“This is a bold new direction for the CR-V and opens up an entirely new non-existent market,” says Mr. Eipurirufūru*, manager of the Future Opportunity Occupational Lead Educational Department (FOOLED). “Our sales target is somewhat conservative to start with, at zero cars, but we are confident that once the minor glitches are ironed out, such as the lack of roof and the fact that it is totally structurally unsound, the car will fly out of showrooms.”

Honda UK says that the CR-V Roadster would retail for about half the price of the regular CR-V since customers are only getting “half the car.”

Okay, if you’ve managed to get this far without smiling, we’d like to say Happy April 1st from our friends at Honda UK!

*Translates roughly as “April Fool” in Japanese

Note: The Honda Concept CR-V Roadster in this story based on a UK market model is not for sale and not intended for production. Please do not attempt to duplicate this vehicle at home.

News source and photos courtesy Honda (UK) division of Honda Motor Europe Ltd.

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