2022 Honda STEP WGN Preview – All-New AIR and e:HEV SPADA Models Debut in Japan

By Steve & Tamami Laser

Following the 25th anniversary of its popular STEP WGN, Honda held the online debut of the new, sixth-generation models during a presentation in Japan. Honda plans to display the new STEP WGN at the Tokyo Auto Salon this week, including a customized model.

The STEP WGN (pronounced “Step Wagon”) lineup for 2022 includes new AIR and e:HEV SPADA versions, plus a flagship SPADA Premium Line. Retail sales are expected to begin this spring at Honda dealers across Japan.

STEP WGN gains all-new styling, with a rising belt line, a horizonal grille flanked by signature lighting, and a greenhouse with large windows for enhanced visibility. The raised hood line is designed to be visible from the driver’s seat, while the A-pillars and side mirror positioning help to provide a wider field of view. STEP WGN AIR is shown above with accessories from Honda Access.

For customers who want to dress up and personalize their rides, Honda Access revealed a preliminary array of new genuine accessories. These photos show a STEP WGN AIR fitted with a Sports Mix theme, including special wheels and unique exterior trim elements. A separate list of accessories for STEP WGN SPADA offer a metallic tone.

STEP WGN’s available two-motor e:HEV hybrid system features an EV Mode that runs on electricity from the battery alone, for efficient, quiet operation. Hybrid Mode increases performance, with the electric motor driven by electricity generated by the gas engine. While Engine Mode connects the engine via a direct-coupling clutch to drive the wheels for high-speed cruising.

STEP WGN features a flexible seating design for families on the go. For ease of use, the second-row seats slide back-and-forth, and also from left-to-right. Third-row seats offer underfloor storage, while the seating position has been raised, for a better view ahead.

Available second-row captain’s chairs with an ottoman-style feature allow passengers to stretch out and relax. Another clever touch is a power tailgate that can memorize height-opening settings, while the driver can use a smart key to stop the tailgate at any position.

The latest Honda Connect and Honda Sensing features are planned for the new STEP WGN. Additionally, a new 11.4-inch Honda Connect Navi system is available from Honda Access, along with a separate 15.6-inch full HD LCD rear-seat monitor that connects to the Gathers Navi.

STEP WGN has been a popular model for Honda in Japan, starting with the first generation in 1996, and new generations debuting in 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2015. Honda offers a wide array of vans in Japan, including the N-BOX, N-VAN, Shuttle, Freed, Odyssey, and STEP WGN.

Note: Vehicles shown in this story are prototypes. Features, specifications, accessories, and launch timing for Japan-market models is subject to change without notice

News source and photos courtesy of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Honda Access Co., Ltd.

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