2015 Tokyo Auto Salon – Nissan Gears Up Excitement for Auto Enthusiasts

By Steve & Tami Laser

The annual Tokyo Auto Salon is billed as Japan’s largest custom car show where there’s something on display for everyone who loves performance cars, trucks, vans and racing machines.


In addition to exhibits from the major auto makers, a wide array of custom car shops, aftermarket parts manufacturers and related companies present their latest creations and products that range from tires and wheels to suspension components and racing attire.

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More than 400 exhibitors at this year’s show filled up the entire show space at the massive Makuhari Messe convention complex in Chiba near Tokyo with approximately 840 custom cars of every imaginable shape and style.

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Tokyo Auto Salon traces its roots to the “Tokyo Exciting Car Show” held in 1983 that was designed to help establish and elevate the custom car culture throughout Japan. The event changed its name to Tokyo Auto Salon in 1987 while this year marks the 33rd anniversary of the show.


The above video from Nissan’s Newsroom in Japan highlights the company’s exhibit at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon. Since it’s in Japanese without subtitles, we’ll cover the key points in English.

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Nissan Newsroom correspondent Megumi Sato reported from the floor of the show. Nissan and Nismo – the company’s performance and racing division – plus pro-tuner Autech, a Nissan subsidiary, displayed an array of customized vehicles and race cars.

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President of Nismo and CEO of Autech Japan, Masakazu Miatani, said that the five Nismo road cars on display were all painted white and featured Nismo parts. The GT-R Nismo “N Attack Package” paid homage to GT-R’s record run at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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Fairlady Z (called 370Z in the U.S.), Juke, March and Note Nismo editions showcased the auto maker’s special models enhanced with performance parts to attract a wide range of enthusiasts.

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Autech showed three customized vehicles. The Rider Advance Study embodies a futuristic style and dynamic theme. Dayz Roox Rider has a two-tone color treatment. While Elgrand Rider (above) displayed a powerful presence and classy interior.

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Takuya Ito, Chief Conversion and Accessory Specialist, discussed the new e-NV200 Sports Utility Gear concept. Based on Nissan’s e-NV200 all-electric van, enhancements are designed to appeal to those who enjoy active outdoor sports like running.

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After finishing exercise, the driver and passengers can wash their feet using the shower spray. There’s also a refrigerator onboard to keep drinks cool, plus a pull-out seat and separate waterproof drawer to hold wet shoes.

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Another display featured the Nissan Juke Personalization Advanced Concept. Customers can select a wide array of colors for the vehicle and its trim parts to coordinate with a custom theme or other creative ideas. This is similar to the “Juke Color Studio” that was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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Nissan also featured its racing cars including the 2014 Super GT Champion Motul Autech GT-R, the Super GT GT500 class GT-R and the GT-R Nismo GT3.

Here’s another video from the Nissan Newsroom titled “Backstage Pass” that shows how much work was involved to put together all of the elements for its impressive display at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.

News source, photos and videos courtesy Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

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