Wild Launch for Honda HR-V in Australia – Sweet Dreams Are Made of This?

By Steve & Tamami Laser

Honda’s ad campaign, “The Power of Dreams” has taken many forms. Yet leave it to the wild Aussies to come up with a totally new twist to help launch the HR-V crossover. This 60-second spot is the product of agency Leo Burnett in Melbourne, produced by Goodoil Films. The story begins in a cafe where the lead character Brian is reading a book titled, “Lucid Dreaming by Peter Marshall-Ulberg.” Suddenly strange things start happening on his breakfast plate.


Set to the tune, “Sweet Dreams” by the ’80s British new wave band Eurythmics, Brian runs out of the restaurant chased by a pair of odd characters who try to wake him up. Their car is a vintage ’50s Mercury with a giant megaphone on top, perhaps combining memories from Brian’s past. Suddenly a steering wheel appears in his hands and the HR-V magically forms around him while the characters chase him on foot.


In the front passenger seat sits Terry, a talking Shiba, who says, “Hey, Brian?” Of course, this isn’t enough to make him snap out of it, so he takes this dream test drive to the next level, out on the highway. The group of heavy dudes follows in close pursuit continuing to shout “Wake Up” yet to no avail.


Of course, the smart money says that Brian will escape from these guys and continue his quest for freedom in the HR-V. The product plays an important role in this spot, allowing Brian to make a clean getaway. In its news release, Honda Australia says, “The HR-V has edgy and dynamic styling with sharp lines and a wide stance. It has a sophisticated, spacious and sleek interior with luxurious appointments. It has sedan-like steering for easy maneuverability, spirited dynamic performance and a low center of gravity for superior road holding.”


The Aussie version of the HR-V is fitted with an Earth Dreams Technology 1.8 liter i-VTEC engine delivering 105kW @ 6500rpm and 172Nm @ 4300rpm mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Prices begin at AU$24,990 for the HR-V VTi.


Terry finally wakes up our hero. But is he really awake? Terry quips, “Woof Brian, I said woof.” Brain runs out of the house and takes off in his new HR-V. Does that mean a sequel is in the making?

“Our research has shown that the choice to buy this car is driven by emotion,” said Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins. “We are confident the all-new HR-V will appeal to a new customer. They want a car that suits their lifestyle and social needs, before they step into the next chapter of their life.”

Prices and specifications apply to Australian models and are subject to change without notice by the automaker.

News source and images from Honda Australia Pty Ltd

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