Tesla Says Thanks a Billion – Owners Drive Equivalent of 4,186 Trips to the Moon

By Steve & Tamami Laser


How far is a billion miles? According to Tesla Motors, it’s the equivalent of 4,186 trips to the Moon. It’s also the distance its total vehicle fleet worldwide have driven. In just three years since Model S hit the road, owners across the globe have travelled the equivalent of almost 40,000 times around the Earth. Tesla says that by driving electric miles, owners have saved more than half a million tons of CO2.

Tesla has made great strides in expanding the worldwide sales of its products and Supercharger network. For example, this month the Model S celebrated its first anniversary in the UK. Despite their recent starting point, the automaker says British Model S drivers have covered 6.6 million miles which is the equivalent of over 265 times around the world and over 27 trips to the moon.


A billion miles on a fleet of just under 75,000 cars is a testament to the Model S and the ease of charging and driving electric vehicles. Many Tesla owners rely on Model S as their daily driver and for long distance road trips by charging at home or along Tesla’s worldwide Supercharger network. For example, one of our neighbors in Los Angeles has driven his Model S to San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas on three separate trips.


Since the launch of Model S in 2012, Tesla has created a charging network spanning North America, Europe and Asia that now consists of “445 Supercharger stations and thousands of Destination Charging locations, enabling fast and free long distance charging.”

Tesla says it will kick off the one billion milestone with the launch of the Next Billion Miles Tour which will travel around North America, Europe and Asia offering customers the opportunity to experience the performance and handling of Model S.


The next billion miles might come quickly for Tesla once the patient group of future owners take delivery of the upcoming Model X crossover with its distinctive “Falcon Wing” rear doors. Tesla says the Model X combines the space and functionality of a seven-seat SUV with the performance of a Tesla.

Model X will come with standard all-wheel drive powered by two independent, digitally controlled electric motors (like the S70D and 85D.) The Falcon Wing doors are designed to allow easy access to the third row of seats.

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