Sing While You’re Driving — Toyota Turns City Streets Into a Playlist

By Steve Laser

Auto makers try very hard to get you to watch their commercials. The creatives at Toyota in Europe have come up with a TV spot for the new Yaris Hybrid that will leave you smiling – or as the saying goes, “LOL”. Just click on the video below to see what we mean. To learn more about this addictive ad (we’ve already watched it more than 10 times), we’ve inserted a press release by Toyota UK that explains the creative approach. But don’t get too happy since the new Yaris Hybrid is not available in America. That’s a total eclipse of the heart for sure.


Sing While You’re Driving — Toyota Turns City Streets Into a Playlist

The new Toyota Yaris Hybrid is so easy and relaxing to drive in town you’ll want to sing with happiness.

TYarMus2That’s the idea behind Toyota’s new TV ad which features members of the public driving around renamed city streets belting out some pop and rock classics like Uptown GirlKarma Chameleon and Locked out of Heaven.

To make the film, the centre of Prague was turned into a playlist by replacing the street names with song titles. The Yaris Hybrid stereo was connected to the GPS system and each time the car turned a corner, it triggered a new song according to street name.  The drivers had the opportunity to choose what to sing by choosing which route to drive.

TYarMus1The best performers were selected to appear on the TV spot which launched across Europe in August.

News source and photos courtesy Toyota UK; video via Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid

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