Renault Introduces Revamped Espace – People Mover Transformed to Crossover

By Steve Laser


A whole generation of Americans has grown up knowing nothing about the Renault brand. In the meantime, the French automaker has continued to flourish in Europe and other markets. Today, Renault unveiled an all-new fourth generation of its popular Espace people mover. With its head-turning styling, Espace could help relaunch the brand in the U.S.


Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are about the same as being struck by lightning. While the Renault-Nissan Alliance is expanding its platform sharing strategies, the group has no plans to bring Renault back to the U.S. as it would compete with the existing lineups from Nissan and Infiniti. Yet we can always dream about an Espace wearing a Nissan badge.


While the first three generations of Espace were classified as MPVs (we call ’em minivans) the new model has been labeled a “crossover” in an effort to widen its appeal. Whatever you call it, there’s little argument that the new Espace is attractive.

The 2014 Paris Motor Show saw Renault take the wraps off the new Espace, based largely upon the concept car that was revealed a year ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Like previous generations of the model in the course of its 30-year run, a brightly-lit, comfortable and modular interior are the cornerstones of the new Espace. Both the five- and seven-seat versions feature a flexible interior design.

News source and photos from Renault UK

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