Renault Says “Show Me A Car!” – Fantasy Video Brings Broadway to the Showroom

By Steve & Tamami Laser

Car salespeople spend hours learning selling skills so they’ll know how to respond to their customers’ car-buying needs.


Renault UK has created a wild “training” video unlike any we’ve seen that takes the qualifying process to the extreme. It all begins when a well-dressed woman walks into a Renault showroom in London…

Twingo2A salesperson (David Stoller) walks up and says, “Hi, can I help?”

Nicole (Rafaelle Cohen) replies, “Just browsing, thanks.”

“What exactly are you looking for in a car?” he asks.

“Oh dear, poor you. You haven’t got a clue,” she quips.

And that’s when the fun begins:

“What I’m looking for is a nifty five door that comes with a nice bit of bling,” says Nicole. “Show me a car that would fit a movie star, understated, classy just like me. There should be space, lots of space, for a couple to embrace. It should fit in all my friends.”


“It should include built-in directions and require some good suspension, enough to drive the local rugby team,” Nicole sings. “It should not be limited, no animals be prohibited, it should have room for a dog or two or three.”

This Renault Twingo commercial was created by Scorch London. “At Scorch we always like to try something a little bit different, a little bit fun and exciting,” said Steve Jay, Director. “Let’s get animals involved…and what animals haven’t been in a musical before? The big thing for me is the show biz dance at the end. It’s kind of been a dream of mine to direct a show biz number.”


“I’m working with 17 dancers on the finale,” said Brendon Hansford, Choreographer. “It’s going to be crazy. We’ve got transitions going across, people being lifted, spin turns, kick jumps, it’s incredible.”

What did the client think about the concept? “The first time I heard the song it was in my car, I put it on the speaker and I had a smile on my face,” said Antoine Hery, Digital Marketing Manager Renault UK. “I could see the whole musical coming together.”


“I came to London to do an audition and I got the job and it was really interesting for me to do a shooting with a flamingo,” said French actress Cohen. “I know they’re pink, I know they can stand on one leg, and I actually like them because I stand on one leg too.”


Wait…what about the car? We’re so glad you asked.

The third-generation Renault Twingo may have a familiar name and the same pert and fun-to-drive qualities as its predecessors, but links with the past stop there. In every other respect it’s radically different, introducing a number of firsts for the model – a rear-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive and five doors. Renault says that by mounting the engine in the rear, the car can be made shorter, which in turn means it fits into a smaller parking space and it’s more nimble when nipping through traffic. However the flamingo is not included. (The Twingo is related to the new Smart forfour.)

To learn more about the Twingo, visit Renault UK

News source and photos courtesy of Renault UK

Story (commentary) © 2015