Relax at Home with Audi – Take a 4-Hour Video Road Trip Through Australian Countryside

By Steve & Tamami Laser

In these difficult times, when we find ourselves sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic, we often think about scenic drives and the open road. While there are plenty of driving videos to watch on social media, we’re fond of a new release, titled “The Drive,” by Audi Australia.

This four-hour journey through the Australian countryside, in a new A6, is inspired by a genre called “Slow TV.” Instead of action-packed footage with high-speed thrills, “The Drive” aims to relax viewers with the soothing nature of a long, scenic road trip.

We watched the entire film one evening (taking a break now and then to stretch and grab some refreshments). While traveling through the countryside, the A6 passes through bushfire-affected areas of the Blue Mountains, and drives (slowly) around the famous Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit in Bathurst.

Watch “The Drive,” an epic four-hour “Slow TV” journey by Audi Australia that takes viewers through the beautiful countryside of New South Wales. (video: Audi Australia) 

“During this difficult time for many of us, Audi wanted to create an innovative way of bringing the iconic Australian road-trip to people in their homes,” said Nikki Warburton, chief customer and marketing officer of Audi Australia. “’The Drive’ is a digital concept that allows customers to experience the pleasure of the open road from the confines of their homes, and to hopefully offer Australians some tranquility and mental wellbeing during these uncertain and unsettling times.”

Created with Audi Australia’s partner social media agency, We Are Social Australia, the new film was shot on location in the New South Wales Central Tablelands. Director Luke Bouchier, from production company Finch, employed two cars and a small crew during filming in March, while “following the latest government advice on social distancing at the time.”

Multiple cameras were used to replicate the experience of driving the car. The viewpoint transitions, from time to time, to a passenger’s perspective, looking out the rear side window. Cameras are also mounted outside the car to enhance the experience. (Aerial footage appears to be the work of a drone.) Composer John Hassell scored the film while sheltering in place at his studio in Marseille, France.

We thank Audi and its creative partners for producing this relaxing video. And as soon as we make more popcorn, we’re going to watch it again.

Fun fact: The lucky person in the driver’s seat during filming is Shaun Cleary, corporate communication manager of Audi Australia.

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