Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Concept – This e-NV200 Powers a Tailgate Party

By Steve & Tami Laser

Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicle has a larger sibling called the e-NV200. In addition to delivering the goods for businesses without using a drop of gasoline, this 100-percent electric van can be used as a mobile power supply with applications limited only by the imagination. With this thought in mind, Nissan helped create the “Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle” concept.

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

This whimsical concept was created for the Green Funding Lab project in Japan. According to the group the interest in BBQ is quickly expanding. However, the need to start a fire and clean up afterwards detracts from the experience. Having an electric car provide the source of the power for a BBQ while emitting zero emissions, was the inspiration for the Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle.

But that’s not all that the concept does. According to the Green Funding Lab project, the e-NV200 can handle loads up to 1,500W or 1,000W for eight hours of power.


Realizing the infinite possibilities for electric cars, the BBQ concept was jointly developed with Nissan and automotive social media project editor-in-chief Osamu Suzuki (above). “With this electric vehicle, you can always enjoy a BBQ that goes far beyond your expectations,” he says.

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

As a fan of BBQ, Suzuki came up with the idea to use the electric van to cook the food and also to listen to music. He says the concept changes the perception of an EV – since “nobody has made anything like this before.” Yet without a budget to build it, crowd-funding helped make it happen.

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

President of the Japanese BBQ Association, Tamio Shimoshiro (above), says the van is equipped for the easiest and smartest way to enjoy a BBQ. “In Japan, people think it takes time to make BBQ, but realistically people do it, and even guests get together to enjoy,” he says. The notion of cooking with an electric car initially made him surprised. Yet it’s the “smart way to make BBQ by pushing a button.”

Nissan’s e-NV200 Smart BBQ concept vehicle includes these functions:

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

Quick Electric Grill – With a single touch of a switch, this electric grill cooks at a maximum of 1,500 watts.

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

Mosquito Barrier System – If mosquitoes are bugging you, this system drives them away with ultrasonic waves and insect repellant aromas.


Refreshing Mist Shower – If you’re feeling hot, a cool mist sprayed from the van helps you keep cool even in the heat of summer.

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

Flying Selfie Camera – This is designed to take the “selfie of your dreams” with an aerial camera.


Smartphone Linked Display – This turns the van’s window into a large display connected to a cellphone.

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

Karaoke – Sing your favorite songs in the freedom of the great outdoors.


Powerful Small Disposer – No mess, no worries with the cleanest outdoor BBQ around.

Nissan e-NV200 in Europe: The game-changer

Nissan’s e-NV200 is built at the company’s plant in Barcelona, Spain and sold in Europe and Japan as a passenger vehicle and light commercial van. While e-NV200 is not currently sold in America, we can see something like the Smart BBQ Vehicle used as a promotional tool to round up customers in the land where both BBQ and food trucks are hot.

News source and photos from Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

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