Nissan Fairlady Z Whips Up a New Treat – How to Make Butter On a Racetrack

By Steve & Tamami Laser with Nahoko Osuka reporting from Japan

There’s been a shortage of butter in Japan lately for a number of reasons. First, folks are consuming more than before. Second, the cows are overworked. And third, Hokkaido, which is a major butter producer, has been experiencing hotter summers and colder winters than usual. So the creative types at Nissan wondered if it’s possible to “Make butter with the Fairlady Z?”


The key ingredients for this experiment include one nicely detailed Fairlady Z (called 370Z in the U.S.), “chef” Ronnie Quintarelli, Super GT500 2014 Series Champion as the pro driver, an empty and secured racetrack, and a volunteer – to ride in the passenger’s seat while wearing a plastic bottle filled with fresh cream strapped to his helmet.

Can you make butter with a Nissan Fairlady Z? Nissan proves that with the right ingredients, anything is possible. (video: Nissan Newsroom Japan)

With the dynamic duo buckled up and ready to roll, Quintarelli puts the Z through its paces with a series of skillful slalom maneuvers and tire-smoking drifting action.


Quintarelli turned up the heat with gusto during his 20-minute stint behind the wheel without working up a sweat – like a master chef using the best tools in the kitchen.


The view outside the car showed that plenty of heat was generated from the V6 engine, red-hot exhaust and performance tires.


Quintarelli exhibits nerves of steel – while the passenger has a tough time holding his head with one hand while balancing a cellphone camera with the other as he tries in vain to capture the “ultimate selfie.”


Following the frenzy on the track, it’s time to relax and put the results of this experiment to the taste test.


Victory tastes sweet for these guys who know which side their bread is buttered (on).

Congratulations to Nissan and the team for buttering us up with this clever Fairlady Z demo and proving that victory on the racetrack – or in the kitchen – takes planning, persistence and a little luck.

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This experiment was conducted by a professional driver on a closed track. (Don’t try this at home.)

Video and images from Nissan Newsroom Japan

Story ©2015