Honda Launches Ignition Campaign – NSX, Civic Type R and HondaJet Ready for Liftoff

By Steve & Tamami Laser

The remarkable spirit of Honda comes alive in a delightfully new brand campaign ready to launch next week in the United Kingdom. The first video begins with Honda’s beloved robot. “Two decades since the project began, ASIMO can walk, run, navigate uneven surfaces, grasp objects, and make intelligent decisions based on its surroundings,” says Honda UK.


The 90-second launch video was created to “pay homage to space flight.” The camera reveals the new Honda fleet on a runway which when viewed from above mimics the shape of a space shuttle or rocket. As the film unfolds more of the fleet and its drivers is revealed.

“In 1954, Soichiro Honda declared his ambition to win at the very highest level of motorcycle racing. ‘Let us bring together the full strength of Honda Motor Company,’ he implored. Racing has helped us achieve new levels of performance for both our track and road-going motorcycles,” says Honda. “Dare to do the things others only dream of.”

Honda’s rich heritage is woven throughout the film, with the driver of the new NSX captured looking at a picture of the original 1990 NSX held in his hand. Keen viewers will also spot a very special cameo from McLaren-Honda driver, Jenson Button and the voice of the late, great Ayrton Senna.


“The NSX was our first challenge to bring our passion for Formula One™ to our road cars. Twenty-five years since its debut, we’ve revolutionized the NSX once again. It’s now home to a pioneering hybrid power unit that packs raw supercar performance,” says Honda.

As the film, which was shot on location in Ukraine, reaches its crescendo the Honda fleet looks set to take off, with smoke, mist and frost billowing from the rear of the rocket formation, symbolizing the current position the Honda brand currently occupies, with the entire range refreshed or new since the start of the year in the UK.


Honda says the brand campaign is supported by 10-second teasers to build excitement ahead of the premiere. On social, five to ten second teasers have been rolling out leading up to the launch, while on mobile, smart phone users will feel the vibration of the rocket, with phones vibrating in sync with sound and vision, according to the automaker.


“When dreaming up the new Civic Type R, we announced our ambition to build a true racer for the road. We spent hours, days and weeks running the Type R ragged on our track in Tochigi, Japan. It helped us fine-tune the race-inspired aerodynamics and crank performance and handling to their very limits,” says Honda.

The creation, delivery and implementation of the Ignition marketing campaign has been led by Kate Barrett, Honda UK Marketing Communications Manager. Planning started at the end of 2014, with Barrett briefing at Wieden + Kennedy and Starcom MediaVest to deliver a highly impactful campaign.


Philip Crossman, Honda UK Managing Director says, “In March we had the oldest product lineup in the industry, but come the start of September we will have the newest. This Ignition campaign is the perfect representation of where the brand currently sits and what we are about to experience. We have a rich heritage in creating unique and memorable advertising campaigns which engage and excite, and Ignition is the perfect platform to build on this.”

News source and photos courtesy Honda UK

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