Google Cardboard Test Drive – Volvo’s New XC90 Virtual Reality Promotion

By Steve Laser

What if you could take a test drive without leaving your home or office? That’s the concept behind Volvo’s latest promotion for its all-new XC90. Volvo is the first automaker to offer “Google Cardboard” test drives via a compatible smartphone that’s inserted into a hand-held cardboard viewer.


Volvo offered consumers the chance to build their own Google Cardboard device by downloading a template. Or they could visit Volvo’s display at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show to take a virtual test drive.

We downloaded Volvo’s app to our iPhone, plugged in headphones and fired it up. The first episode was called “Friday Getaway.” Although we didn’t have the Google Cardboard device, just running the segment on our phone let us preview the experience.


We felt like we were in motion inside the car while it drives down a beautiful road. From our point of view, we could see the steering wheel, dashboard, instrument cluster and center display. Rotating our iPhone 360-degrees let us see the rest of the interior and the view out the side windows, back window and sunroof.


Volvo has developed a very creative way to experience the new XC90 in advance of its launch at Volvo dealers nationwide.

News source and photos from Volvo Cars North America

Story ©2014 CarNichiWa

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