Daihatsu Wake Ads Make Us LOL – Jaw-Dropping Moments for Kei Car Shoppers

By Steve & Tamami Laser; with Nahoko Osuka reporting from Japan

We’ve seen that jaw-dropping look before. Japan’s homegrown crop of minicars fit into tiny parking spaces, sip fuel and are inexpensive to buy. Yet some of these “Kei” cars are simply too small to transport bulky cargo. Daihatsu Wake to the rescue!

DaihatsuWake1While the automaker had a brief run in the U.S. market, it’s still going strong in Japan where consumers continue to embrace its lineup of small cars with names like Tanto, Move, Conte, Cocoa and the cute Copen roadster. The new Daihatsu Wake has generated a serious buzz thanks to a series of wild advertisements.


While boxy Kei cars are nothing new, Daihatsu tested the waters for a taller-roof model at the last Tokyo Motor Show. Our jaws dropped twice during Daihatsu’s press conference when we saw this concept’s head-turning styling and then learned it carried the wacky name “Deca Deca.”


About a year later, Daihatsu put it into production (shown above) while ratcheting up the wacky styling a few more notches and applying the easier to remember model name Wake. Japanese law restricts Kei car exterior dimensions to just 11.2 feet (3.4 m) in overall length and 4.9 feet (1.48 m) wide, yet they can reach skyward with a height up to 6 feet, 6 inches (2 m).


A series of creative commercial spots drives home the message that the new Daihatsu Wake has room to hold nearly everything, from bikes to sports gear, while offering plenty of space inside to stretch out and relax.


In the videos, “Anchan” (big brother) makes a hilarious serious of blunders trying to modify his small car to fit the needs of the day whether it be camping, biking or fishing. When little brother arrives with his new Daihatsu Wake, Anchan and his friend realize the error of his ways resulting in jaw-dropping moments like this.

DaihatsuWake12We’ve enjoyed watching this series and want to share a couple of images. One of our favorites is this bizarre bicycle-powered car.


No space to transport those bikes in your Kei car? Instead of slicing it in half like a sandwich, just pop them into the back of the Daihatsu Wake.


Something’s fishy about Anchan’s approach to fishing. He sawed off the back of his car to make space for a big tub filled with ice to keep his catch fresh.


Containers can be stacked neatly in the cargo bay of the Wake. Little brother shows Anchan how it’s done. He also built an overhead rack for carrying rods and reels, keeping them neatly organized and ready for use.

News source and photos courtesy Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Deca Deca photo from Tokyo Motor Show press office.

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