Abarth 124 Spider Plays Sidekick to Sting & Shaggy – “Gotta Get Back My Baby” Video

By Steve & Tamami Laser

We like the song, “Gotta Get Back My Baby,” by Sting and Shaggy so much that we’ve played it dozens of times. And now that we’ve seen the music video, we like it even more. Because the car that co-stars is the cool Abarth 124 Spider.

In a smart move of product placement, FCA has put its roadster into the heat of the action with our heroes as they play detectives in the music video (directed by Michael Garcia) that brings to mind “Miami Vice.”

As the story goes, the dynamic duo’s captain assigns Sting and Shaggy to “capture the most dangerous woman in the country.” They tell him that to do so, they’re “going to need the Spider” for the stakeout (the captain’s prized possession). “Take my car,” says the captain, “but if anything happens to my car…”

They drive to South Beach in the Spider, singing “Gotta Get Back My Baby” from their album, “44/876,” co-produced by Teflon (not the non-stick coating) and Martin Kierszenbaum.

“The Abarth 124 Spider is incredibly honored to play the role of sidekick to such legendary and audacious artists as Sting and Shaggy in their latest music video,” says Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer and head of the Fiat brand, FCA.

The automaker says the Abarth 124 Spider aims to sweep a new generation off their feet with its performance and technical DNA. It combines an authentic roadster experience “packed with thrills, technology, safety, and a touch of unmistakable Italian design.”

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