2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Preview – New All-Electric Performance Crossover Revealed

By Steve & Tamami Laser

Ford has been thinking about building a Mustang wagon for decades. Way back in 1966, a design study for a sporty two-door wagon (below) was created, yet it never made it to production.

Over the years, there have been thoughts of building four-door Mustangs too. The idea is to offer customers more space to stretch out and carry gear while keeping the sporty spirit of the Mustang intact.

This evening at a special event in Hawthorne, Calif., Ford revealed prototypes of a futuristic Mustang that’s headed to production late next year, with retail deliveries slated to begin in spring 2021. Meet the new Mustang Mach-E, an all-electric, four-door crossover coming to a Ford dealer near you.

Times are changing. Thanks to sporty SUVs from Jeep, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini and more, a Mustang crossover doesn’t seem that weird. And thanks to Tesla and others, all-electric vehicles are now common sights, especially in L.A. Ford has done a great job transforming the Mustang’s spirit into the new Mach-E.

Ford says that Mach-E is “instantly recognizable as a Mustang, thanks to signature design elements, such as its long, powerful hood, rear haunch design, aggressive headlights and trademark tri-bar taillights.”

The lineup includes regular and extended-range lithium-ion batteries, along with a choice of rear- or all-wheel-drive models. Ford is targeting an EPA-estimated driving range of “at least 300 miles.” Extended range AWD models are planned to deliver the equivalent of 332 horsepower and 417 lb.-ft. of torque.

Meanwhile, the Mach-E GT ups the ante to an estimated 459 hp and 612 lb.-ft., along with targeted 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, or potentially in the mid-3 second range for the GT Performance Edition. Available goodies include Brembo® brakes and MagneRide® damping system.

The low-profile electric drivetrain opens up new storage possibilities. For example, under the hood is a trunk that offers 4.8 cu. ft. of space to store things like soft luggage or a cooler.

While the exterior design of the Mach-E features classic Mustang styling cues, the interior is more futuristic. There’s standard seating for five plus an available panoramic fixed-glass roof. The dash features a double-cowl instrument panel while options include Bang & Olufsen speakers.

Mach-E is equipped with the next-generation SYNC® communications system including a 15.5-inch screen that’s designed to replace complicated menus with simple-to-access features with touch, swipe, and pinch controls.

And when it comes time to deliver the goods, Mach-E obliges with 29 cu. ft. of cargo space in the rear with the seats up, and 59.6 cu. ft. of space with the seats down. The liquid-cooled battery pack is under the floor, helping to increase space for passengers and cargo.

Ford says that since EV owners do 80 percent of their charging at home, it offers a Connected Charging station with the ability to add an estimated average range of 32 miles per charging hour via a 240V outlet (for extended-range, RWD models). Mach-E owners will also have access to the FordPass Charging Network, offering more than 12,500 charging stations across the country, including DC fast chargers.

For more information on the Mach-E, visit Ford.com

News source and photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Note: Features and specifications for future production models are subject to change without notice

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