Volvo V60 Cross Country Preview – Ready To Shine at The Los Angeles Auto Show

By Steve Laser

As a pioneer in the premium wagon segment, Volvo blazed a new trail when it introduced the first V70 “Cross Country” nearly 20 years ago. Combining the traditional Volvo wagon virtues of comfort, safety and utility plus the sporty style, increased ground clearance and charisma of a crossover, the V70 was ahead of its time. And now Volvo is ready to improve upon this formula with the all-new V60 Cross Country.

Volvo Cars reveals new V60 Cross Country

While the official world premiere will take place at the Los Angeles Auto Show in just a few weeks, Volvo gave us a sneak preview of what to expect. The new model is based on the V60 wagon that was just introduced to America for the 2015 model year.

It gains more rugged styling with 2.6-inches increased ground clearance, plus visual cues including skid plates front and rear, side scuff plates and fender extenders. We like what we see in the photos that Volvo provided – and so will fans of Volvo wagons.

Volvo Cars reveals new V60 Cross Country

While complete details will be released in L.A., the teaser press release below highlights additional snippets of news: The V60 CC’s powertrain for the U.S. market is Volvo’s renown five-cylinder engine that will transfer power to all four wheels via an automatic transmission. Output for the gasoline engine is 250 horsepower while estimated fuel economy is targeted at 23 mpg.

Volvo Cars reveals new V60 Cross Country

There’s no word yet whether the U.S. market will receive either the four-cylinder turbo-diesel that’s offered in European V60 wagons or the diesel plug-in hybrid version. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to Volvo’s press conference at the L.A. show to hear more news on this latest entry to Volvo’s re-energized product lineup.

News source and photos from Volvo Cars of North America

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